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Megatron saw a large shadow cast down into the crater before he saw the source of it. But the shadow was enough.

By the time that Sixshot called out "Combiner!" the Decepticon leader's mind was already whirling. Astrotrain was indisposed, Mindwipe and Weirdwolf were trying to treat Monzo's addition and would take some time to get into fighting shape. Misfire was Misfire, Full-Tilt was only marginally useful in a fight and the rest of his troops were spread out patrolling the area, making for easy targets. That left himself and Sixshot as the only two warriors immediately capable of facing the oncoming monster head on. He did not like those odds, not at all.

And yet...

It's not attacking, he noted. Either it doesn't see us -- which is unlikely -- or it has more control of its faculties than the last one we encountered.

The Decepticon leader frowned slightly for a moment, then came to a decision.

"Hold fire," he told his men. "Find cover, but take no aggressive action...yet."

Underground Chamber

Hardhead growled. "That should have blown the leg clean off!"

"Perhaps kinetic attacks aren't the best way to deal with such heavily armoured foes!" Furos told him. "If you switch to--"

"No! It just means I need to shoot them more!"

Four cannon blasts in succession shook the ground under Hardhead's treads as he sent four more depleted uranium slugs at the same Centurion's knee.
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