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POTP Evolution Optimus Prime - The vehicle mode is a bit iffy, but both Orion Pax and Optimus Prime are really good figures. The design on both is really good, the tilt on the Prime feet is great, and the stickers on mine are really well placed. Which I never thought I would point out as a positive thing....
I got PotP Optimus Prime yesterday, and you're right on. The trailer is OK, just the cab seems a little disappointing. Otherwise, the robot modes are great like you mentioned, especially Prime. Just don't linger too long on his back. The front is amazing! The whole deal is a little much to transform, but once you get the hang of the panels it's pretty fun and I keep fiddling with the guy.

I can't say the same for my stickers though - the two Autobot emblems on the shoulders are just a touch off. They only had one in stock though, so I didn't have the option to be picky. Otherwise, OP gets a big from me.

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