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Been a while...

PotP Battletrap is ace.

These are remarkably clever and complex wee figures - particularly Battleslash (the helicopter).

Only (minor) negatives are that there's not a good solution for the rotor in combined mode, and the combined mode knees are fairly pointless.

Oh, and to be really nit-picky, it would be nice if the helicopter could dock on to the car, but that's really just because I used to do that with my G1 figures as a kid. I can't really criticise Hasbro for not taking on board my particular childhood games when designing figures!

Anyhoo, big surprise, epic win. Roll on Flywheels.

New sale thread added with a range of Transformers including Masterpiece, Botcon, CHUG, RID, Movies etc.

Looking for MP-11T Thundercracker and MP-9 Rodimus v2 (Takara version with as few QC issues as possible).

Check out my new sale thread now!

Also items on eBay.
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