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Diamond Select Gotham Selina Kyle
One of the strange things about toy stores closing down is the random stuff that shows up. Retailers use it as an excuse to off-load stuff from across the company that's been hanging around unloved in storage for ages. So as my local TRU sadly winds down, so some flotsam and jetsom they've never stocked before shows up. Which in this case is this rather excellent figure. The diorama she comes with (fire escape and section of wall) is useless without the corresponding Jim Gordon figure, so I might leave her in package, but the figure itself is fantastic. So many nice details - the wrinkled jacket, goggles and torn jeans - and a striking likeness to the actor who plays her, plus a pint of milk (just to signpost that she's going to be Catwoman someday. And is probably a quirk of the character in the TV show - haven't seen it. Even though cats shouldn't drink milk, what with the lactose intolerance, but anyway...). Basically, this is ace and well worth the 6.99 I paid for it

DC Comics Icons Mister Miracle
Down the road at Smyths, they're getting rid of the two characters they carried from various DC collector lines. They had Terry Dodson's Raven figure from their artist series, which even at 3 I passed on as it looks so weird and mis-proportioned (massive hips and a really oddly shaped rugby ball head that looks like Hey Arthur) and Mister Miracle, who was going for 2. He's a really cool looking figure, with a nice metallic paint job, some interchangeable hands and some other plastic stuff that I don't understand.

Marvel Legends Enchantress
Bought on sale from ID Toys in December (along with Polaris and Deadlock, the package went astray, but they managed to track it down and send it onto me ), she's a really cool looking figure. I love the design of her tights and skirt. The face and hair look great and I like the add on power snot swirls. Only minor criticisms is her neck is fixed sloped forward, which makes her look a little hunched over and she's a pain to stand up.

Marvel Legends Polaris
I know nothing about Polaris, but she's always looked really cool, so I was stoked to pick this lady up. I think she uses the same face sculpt as Enchantress, but her green make up gives her a totally different look which I like. Nicely prop-portioned with some good articulation and flat shoes, so she can stand up The cape is nice and I like her really snotty looking swirly power blasts. Nice!

Marvel Legends Avengers 3 pack
From the shop of random surprises TKMaxx for a not too shabby 19.99, this packs in 3 Avengers from Marvel's recent age of diversity. So, we've got a nice looking green and red Vision, then the Sam Wilson Captain America, which is really cool looking and the excellent Kate Bishop Hawkeye which, for me, is the standout figure of the set. She has a nice headscuplt which is full of character, I like her simple Purple outfit and her cool fingerless gloves. The quiver is nicely slung around her waist (I'm sure this is impractical) and she has a nice fancy modern looking bow. Even her boots look great. For a set I was a little on the fence about and bought on whim, I really like these three characters and am very impressed.

Marvel Nano Metalfigs Gamora and Spider-Gwen
These things have been popping up at Supermarkets lately, and I thought I'd have a punt on them. They're pretty good for 2" tall figures! Nicely painted and detailed and good value for 2.00 a throw. Nice.
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