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I went ahead and convinced myself that I needed a PotP Rodimus Prime to stand along side PotP Optimus (plus, my wife gave me the go ahead to buy him, which never happens... like ever).

Here's the deal - he's not great. I wouldn't peg him as an atrocity; he's simply OK as a figure. Issues aside, I keep fiddling with him, even though his transformation isn't anywhere near as smooth as Optimus, nor as openly articulated or good looking. Somehow, I just can't put him down. Maybe it's 'new toy' syndrome that will wear off, or that my son and I bonded on a short trip to go pick him up from the store, I don't know. He's fun to fiddle with, and the Winnebago mode is pretty solid.

All of that said, I would have a hard time justifying anyone to pay the MSRP on this guy, given all the issues.

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