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That tracks with other things I've read about Rodimus. By most metrics, he's fair to poor, but is somehow still fun. Maybe his unique transformation and alt-mode makes him inherently more interesting than yet another car-to-robot.

Does the matrix gimmick hurt him much? I've been thinking that putting the evolution gimmick and opening chest compartment in the same figure would require too many compromises.

I found a MOSC BM Obsidian, who is no longer MOSC. He's pretty simple, but fun. Like Jetstorm, his bot mode loks better hovering than standing. I may have to make a stand for him.

A while ago, I figured out how to use PotP Slash to fill out Volcanicus' torso instead of the extra hands. So, I bought another one to do the other side. It looks good, and frees up the extra hands to make the larger feet. Here's a pic I took when I just had one Slash.
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