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That tracks with other things I've read about Rodimus. By most metrics, he's fair to poor, but is somehow still fun. Maybe his unique transformation and alt-mode makes him inherently more interesting than yet another car-to-robot.

Does the matrix gimmick hurt him much? I've been thinking that putting the evolution gimmick and opening chest compartment in the same figure would require too many compromises.
He's interesting and different, that's for sure. Maybe that is why I keep fiddling with him - I can't think of any other figure that I own (I own all mass retail figs) that's even close to what Rodimus does.

The matrix gimmick does hurt him. I find that messing with Optimus' matrix is infinitely easier, and therefore it comes out quite a bit, or I'll even leave his chest open for display. Rodimus, on the other hand, is a bit of a chore to get to his matrix, as you have to lift half of his torso up to get to it. I don't mess with it too much, and when it's open it looks as though the matrix is in his stomach. Had they tried to re-engineer it into his chest they would have needed to find another place for Hot Rod's head, so there would have been some serious compromise.

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