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Six sets of optics looked down at the Decepticons in the crater. Seven minds strained to keep the powerful behemoth that was Liokaiser in check.

"Leozak," Drillhorn hissed. "It's the core personality of Liokaiser. He's trying to help."

Leozak smiled. "And here I was worried that the core had melted down...."

"Nnnnnvvvvrrrrr mmmmltdddd....." The voice rumbled around them. "Nnnnnnndddddddddd hhhhllllllpp..."

"Did he sound like that before?"

"Yes, Hellbat. A bit more muffled, but yes," said Leozak.

Liokaiser hovered, hands twitching. "Hhhheeeelllllllllllppppppp uussssssssssssss..........."


Ironhide shook his head. "This used ta be easier. Thanks, Optimus." He got back to his feet, trying to ignore the spiderweb of cracks across his chest. "Only thing Ah c'n think of is ta aim fer joints an' optics. Blind 'em, slow 'em down." He moved over to his battle platform, spun both blaster pistols and plugged them into the front of the platform, then hit a release and pulled the particle projection cannon off the platform. He brought it up, aimed at the head of one of the Centurions, and fired, the particle beam slamming into the drone's dome-like head.

The drone staggered, stumbling into another drone, the two falling to the ground.

The drone that Hardhead and Perceptor fired at staggered, the knee joints cut out from under it, sending it crashing to the ground.

Hot Rod raised the photonic eliminator rifle, aiming at the head of another drone, the photon blast opaquing the drone's dome.

Two of the drones turned to face Chromedome, striding towards him, one bringing it's clawed arm up, backhanding the Autobot.
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