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Has the newness worn off over the past week? I skipped RP because I didn't like the looks of him. I saw Rodimus Unicronus today, and liked the cheesiness. But, I'm not sure I'll still like him once the novelty of the mold and deco are past. I don't really want a Leader size figure if I'm going to get bored with him quickly, and just have him as a display piece.
It's starting to, but not as quickly as I had feared. I fiddled with him last night to take some pics for my review of him, and I realized how quickly I was able to get him back and forth - it was actually quite fun. It was still fun fiddling with him, and I was tinkering with him this past weekend too. Getting the hang of the transformation definitely makes it easier, but between reviewing him and Optimus, it's a realization how seamless the gimmick works on one, and how stumbling it can be on the other.

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