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Rumble and Frenzy always give me a headache because they were both blue in their most prominent portrayals back in the day (albeit Rumble had lavender details in the cartoon and Frenzy was more of a toy-accurate blue when he got to do stuff in the comics and tertiary media), so the red guy is basically no one.

How large are they? Ravage in particular looks pretty cool in that shot.

Myself, I had POTP Swoop and Slag arrive last night. Slag spurs a lot of nostalgia, because he's so similar to the original figure. G2 Slag was the only one of the original Dinobot molds I owned (aside from a Snarl that I had for about two days before it broke), and was a childhood favourite. He's basically a streamlining of the 80s design, ditching the wings and incorporating the tail into the robot feet but otherwise basically just feeling like the G1 toy with joints. The combiner gimmick fits into the old design so well that I actually forgot it was even there until I started writing, too. He leaves me feeling a bit befuddled though, just because he's so similar to something I'm so familiar with that all the little differences make him seem...I dunno, weird I guess? But overall he's a pretty good figure, if not quite up to the high standards that the Titans Return Deluxes brought to the table.

Kinda sad he lost his wings, though.

Swoop feels totally different to me. I never owned the original, so I don't have the same tactile memories to compare it to, but he feels a lot less like a love letter to the 80s figure, and more like his own thing. All the other Dinos look like they were sculpted by importing the G1 figures into a CAD program and working from there, but not Swoop. Where the original figure was all boxy shapes and sharp angles, this one is very sleek and svelte. I don't know if the different feel is because this figure has to do triple duty as the basis for Cutthroat and Wildfly/Yokuryu later on down the line, but whatever the reason the figure definitely feels more like an updated resdesign of Swoop than the slavish homage of the other figures. He's quite a good figure though, very poseable and pretty much kibble-free aside from his wings (which are still quite functional in robot mode).

I was worried that both of these figures would be compromised by their combiner gimmick the way a lot of Combiner Wars figures are, but either Hasbro has gotten better at engineering around that or it's just easier to work it into a figure with a beast mode. But Slag and Swoop don't really suffer at all from being combiners, beyond the fact that their second accessory is a giant hand instead of a second weapon like most TR figures boasted.
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