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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Rumble and Frenzy always give me a headache because they were both blue in their most prominent portrayals back in the day (albeit Rumble had lavender details in the cartoon and Frenzy was more of a toy-accurate blue when he got to do stuff in the comics and tertiary media), so the red guy is basically no one.
I only watched the cartoon, and don't really remember the cassette bot named Frenzy doing anything at all. So, I consider whatever figure I have to be Rumble, regardless of color. Red Honda Alternator? Rumble. Blue TF:Prime coupe? Also Rumble. If I have the same mold in both colors, I demote the blue one to Frenzy.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I was worried that both of these figures would be compromised by their combiner gimmick the way a lot of Combiner Wars figures are, but either Hasbro has gotten better at engineering around that or it's just easier to work it into a figure with a beast mode. But Slag and Swoop don't really suffer at all from being combiners, beyond the fact that their second accessory is a giant hand instead of a second weapon like most TR figures boasted.
Slag's combiner peg just takes the place of the diaclone cockpit from the original toy. All Hasbro had to do was move the head out of the way in leg mode.

Swoop benfits from having his legs fold over his back in alt mode. That means the combiner peg can fold out of his back, leaving the bot chest uncompromised. They probably could do a vehicle alt mode with the same idea, but it'd end up kinda blocky, like Swoop's body. Maybe a penny-racer G1-type minibot would work.

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