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I found most of deluxe wave two today! Picked up Darkwing, Rippersnapper, and Snarl. Sludge wasn't there; saw the green autocar, but passed. They're fun! Rippersnapper rides the line between hokey and cheesy as perfectly as a robot landshark could hope to. And they painted his shark teeth!

As Tantrum said, the Dinobots don't suffer from the combiner mechanic as they've simply slotted out the diaclone cockpits for the gestalt joints (in Grimlock's case, the combiner head gets stored there). So, it's to use or ignore as one pleases.

Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Swoop feels totally different to me. I never owned the original, so I don't have the same tactile memories to compare it to, but he feels a lot less like a love letter to the 80s figure, and more like his own thing.
Swoop has yet to break into three pieces, so yeah, he's pretty different from the original.

I don't see any conceits for making Cutthroat out of him as they transform very similarly. Basically he just needs an extra pair of dangly legs and not fold his robot legs up as a backpack, and bingo.
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