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Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
The robotapes come up to about Prowl's bumper, so about the average size of a 3P minibot. Which is obviously a bit bigger than they should be, but that's life. I'm happier with them being this size than the ridiculously tiny versions that fit into MO Soundwave's chest.
I don't mind the MP cassettes being tiny as much as I mind them just not being very good toys. They're delicate and not very poseable. I think they all look great other than Ravage, but if I wanted a Ravage figure to play with it certainly wouldn't be the MP.

Originally Posted by HeavyArms View Post
G1 Rodimus Prime and Stalker: I think the winnebago mode is the better of the three parts of Rodimus with the robot mode the worst as the figure has next to no articulation outside of moving his arms up and down.
I don't think I've transformed my reissue Rodimus Prime since 2004, and I'm someone who's constantly transforming his figures. The robot mode is just so, so disappointing.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
As Tantrum said, the Dinobots don't suffer from the combiner mechanic as they've simply slotted out the diaclone cockpits for the gestalt joints (in Grimlock's case, the combiner head gets stored there). So, it's to use or ignore as one pleases.
The small Dinobots don't suffer, sure, but I don't think you can say that about Grimlock. The elephantiasis he's contracted in his tail and dino legs are really noticeable.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Swoop has yet to break into three pieces, so yeah, he's pretty different from the original.
Fair enough. I was thinking more about looks, though.

Though I wouldn't be surprised at all if the clear plastic beak turns out to be super brittle as the years go by, either.

Originally Posted by Clay View Post
I don't see any conceits for making Cutthroat out of him as they transform very similarly. Basically he just needs an extra pair of dangly legs and not fold his robot legs up as a backpack, and bingo.
I realized the other day that you can actually transform Swoop into "Cutthroat mode". All of the engineering is already there, since it's needed for his combiner leg mode. But you're right, they both basically transform the same from the knees up. Even their proportions are very similar. So that's probably not why they made him less G1 than the rest of the team.
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