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I was actually pretty disappointed by Bludgeon (his inner robot is the wrong colour!), Bomb-Burst and Octopunch. Those three (plus the sadly absent Bugly) are my favourite Pretender designs and I don't think they translated well to the small size at all.

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Surprised to hear Saban have taken Power Rangers to Hasbro. That'll be interesting...
This really surprised me too! I'm curious to see where this goes. The one Legacy Power Ranger I bought was really disappointing, so if Hasbro can bring us a figure line with quality comparable to Marvel Legends I'd be really happy.

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I wish these PotP toys would hurry up and start showing up in Edmonton.
Same here! Almost everything I've bought so far has been off of Amazon. Even though this is the first wave, stores seem to be avoiding it like the plague, only putting out one case at a time and not restocking much at all. Maybe launching a new line right after Christmas wasn't a good idea?

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I'm not disappointed in predaking, if only because I expected something along those lines given how devastator turned out. Easy pass for me, but I'm glad they tried?
Yeah. For me, the disappointment came with the announcement that he'd be a Titan because I knew exactly what that entailed thanks to Devastator. I was really hoping they'd have learned their lesson from that and just released the Predacons as a normal CW-style team, but alas...

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I should also like to say that I am simultaneously impressed and disappointed that Hungrr is a remold* of Silverbolt.
I still can't wrap my head around that decision. If they absolutely had to crib one of the CW Voyagers' engineering, surely Hot Spot was the obviously correct choice? It would have given us a Hun-grrr that transformed correctly into combiner mode (the "dragon head knees" that so many people are lamenting) and they could have made the combiner chestplate removable so that people like me could use it as a shield. His dragon mode would have been infinitely better too, since the combiner chest wouldn't be bulking up his robot legs. Just seems like such a missed opportunity.
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