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After all the reports of PotP Wave 2 hitting Walmarts here in the States, I swung by a couple in my area (I'm don't think most around me even got Wave 1) and found Snarl, Sludge, and Darkwing/Blackwing. Pretty happy that I was able to complete the 6 Dinobots and the Dreadwing combo at retail.

Snarl and Sludge are pretty fun, chunky dinos like the others, with stout dino modes and pretty decent robot modes. They both stand a touch funny IMO, due to the knees. They both seem to be quite spot on for modern G1-y types. Oddly, the Prime Armor piece that came with Snarl has a gold peg instead of black. He's the only dinobot with this.

Darkwing is pretty neat all around, and I like him better than Dreadwind. Haven't had the chance to put them together yet (got Darkwing on the way to work), so I will do that when I am home. The only think that irks me is the top tailfins are rubber, which have bent in packaging.

I saw Rippersnapper, Moonracer, Tailgate, and the Duocons too. All of which I passed on. I think I'm going to skip Abominus altogether, and the fem-racers don't appeal to me. They look nice, just no connection to the characters or toys. Tailgate looks a bit better than Windcharger, but I couldn't find the budget to get him. Might bite on the Duocons later though.

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