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"Help you?" Megatron's voice was a tad incredulous. Firstly, to see a combiner lucid enough to even communicate was practically unheard of. But this...?

"I recognize you," he said, almost as much to himself as to the combiner. "Liokaiser, is it? A fellow Decepticon." He nodded. "Obviously we'll do what we can to help a fellow Decepticon. Or several."

"Mindwipe is not as good a hypnotist as he likes to think," Vorath told Weirdwolf. "That is what's happening."

"Bah!" Mindwipe's eyes narrowed. "Monzo has a subconscious mental block in place. It is causing unforeseen complications. I vill deal vith it presently."

To his patient, he said, "Je sais que c'est désagréable. Juste un moment de plus, s'il vous plaît."

"Sure, he speaks French without the accent..." Vorath grumbled.

The light in Mindwipe's eyes began to flicker, first in sequence with one another, then independently, finally beginning to strobe faster and faster until even a Cybertronian eye would have trouble tracking it. "Monzo, the pain is not real. La douleur est imaginaire. Now say it vith me. Répétez avec moi. Say it!"

(OOC: Mon français est très mauvais maintenant. Needed Google's help for some of this. )

Underground Chamber

"Victory!" Hardhead crowed as the drone he'd been targeting fell to the ground.

"Not hardly! There's how many of them left?" Furos steered his partner towards what he knew would be his next target, holding tight to the wheel as Hardhead's cannon fired another volley of heavy slugs at one of the Centurions that were attacking Chromedome.
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