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So, POTP Deluxe Wave 1 has been hitting Smyths... but couldn't find any at the two branches I can easily get to. One had them in and sold out within a day (really?!) and the other just hasn't had them. I did see Voyager Starscream and Grimlock, both of which looked so awful they were an easy pass.

I did find the wave 1 Prime Masters in a branch of Asda living and picked up Liege Maximo who is Skullgrin, so let's not pretend he's not. So, it's pretty neat. I like the colours and the sculpt, and the 6.99 price tag feels less painful for this guy than the Titan Masters did, but it is a bit lacking. The little guy turning into a nugget (which looks like a face, soooo... why not just carry on making robot faces?) is fine, but not really as much fun as being a head and properly interacting with a larger figure. The shell is neat and I really like it, but you're not convincing anyone with that silly 'rake' mode. Or is it one of those silly 'bear claws' so you can have pulled pork? I think I like it, but it doesn't really scream Transformer toy,beacuse it doesn't really transform and it feels a bit like what it is - a half baked Pretender. Or one that's shrunk in the wash.

Aaand from the ridiculous to the sublime (well, sublimely ridiculous) with Beast Wars Neo Survive Vs Killer Punch! I honestly never thought I'd have the slightest chance of picking these guys up. Aftermarket prices are generally crackers, either buying individually or in this spiffy versus two-pack, but I managed to luck out on an ebay listing (in the UK no less) and landed a set that's clearly been enjoyed by the previous owner. These are excellent.

Killer Punch is everything I'd hoped - ridiculous, very angry looking and able to shoot his dino mode head off. He also has a rather fearsome looking blade weapon. Having loads of versions of the Guiledart mould off of which this is based, the clumsy clusterf**k that is the transformation doesn't bother me and words cannot adequately describe the deep joy this daft looking dinosaur has brought me.

As great as Killer Punch is, the real surprise is how excellent Survive is. Having owned Polar Claw, I wasn't expecting much. The toy is mired by the necessity of it's play gimmicks, but done up as a black bear, suddenly the mould just feels right. Like this is how the toy was meant to be. The odd choices of colour for the robot mode parts (red on the head, yellow for the legs and hands) are a bit jarring, and it's a shame they couldn't have gone with a more sympathetic gunmetal colour. The bat looks funny too, with its black/grey wings and yellow body. I've found myself messing about with Survive a lot more than I thought I would. And hats off to Takara for hitting on the really obvious idea of having a 'vs' set featuring two decent sized figures. Good stuff!
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