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There was supposed to be a Linda Carter Wonder Woman in the set too, but I don't think it actually came out. The same thing happened with the Super Friends line, they put out half a wave (Batman and Green Lantern) and then it disappeared. I don't know if the Superman and Aquaman figures (which were supposed to be in the first wave) ever came out or ever will. Mattel is weird.

90s Flash was an odd choice though, for sure. Less strange now that the actor is on the new Flash show, but still strange. I dunno, if we're going to be getting figures from random decades-old superhero shows I think a Dean Cain Superman should have been way ahead of it on the list.

I'm assuming they made the Kilmer suit before the Keaton one because no one other than me would buy the Kilmer one if they already had the Keaton one. But even then, it's not like there's a scarcity of live-action Batman suits to make, and this one has to be one of the least memorable. Heck, even the Clooney outfits are probably more well-known. And even though the movie was terrible I'm sure there's a lot of people who'd buy it just because, well, how many George Clooney action figures are there?
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