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Somehow a regular airmail package from Japan can get here in only six business days, so I've got Takara Legends G2 Megatron, Pounce and Wingspan.

The Clones are smaller than I expected. With all the talk of them not being able to fit in a normal price point I expected them to be half way between Legends and Deluxe, but they're actually only a hair bigger than Brawn, Beachcomber and the like. Probably about the same size as the Scouts (or whatever we called them) back in the Energon and Cybertron days. They're pretty simple too.

The beast modes are kind of perfunctory, but that's what the characters are meant to look like so I don't suppose that's really too big of a problem. I do wish the robot arms integrated a bit better, though. The robot modes are nicely articulated for their size, and they do a great job of looking like clones from the front as long as you can ignore the small amount of wing kibble on Wingspan's legs. From the back, obviously not so much, but I think they pull it off a lot better than the originals did.

Deco-wise, I'm not put off by the purple in person like I worried I would be when I looked at the pics. I'm still more used to the pink highlights that the original toys had, but the purple looks good. I do wish the cat and bird logos on their chests were rubsigns instead of plain paint apps, though.

Overall, I like them but they're really not worth all the hype that they got due to the Hasbro versions being so hard to find.

Megatron is just fantastic. The mold was great as Blitzwing, but between the G2 deco and the new tooling that Megatron got, he really looks like his own figure. And with the addition of a shoulder cannon courtesy of TR Quake (who didn't want to look like a Hardhead copy anyway) he quickly becomes a very good representation of one of my favourite Megatron designs. The paint job is glorious to the point of excess and I'm not even sure what my favourite part of it is, though right now I'm leaning towards the bonkers teal tank treads. And the fit and finish are a lot better than they were on Blitzwing. The joints are a lot smoother and every mode pops together just a bit more firmly. Everything about the figure just works. He's easily the best TR Voyager I've got, and he may even beat out Generations Sandstorm as my favourite Triplechanger. He's that good!

What's not good, though, is the little Savage/Noble TM vehicle he comes with. It's molded from a single colour with no paint apps outside of the heads and one tiny Decepticon symbol, it's just so blah and boring. And considering how wild the actual BM character model looks, it's really surprising that Takara didn't do a bit more with him. I was actually really looking forward to this little guy but he's probably going to wind up rattling around a spare parts bin.
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