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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Killer Punch is everything I'd hoped - ridiculous, very angry looking and able to shoot his dino mode head off. He also has a rather fearsome looking blade weapon. Having loads of versions of the Guiledart mould off of which this is based, the clumsy clusterf**k that is the transformation doesn't bother me and words cannot adequately describe the deep joy this daft looking dinosaur has brought me.
Yay, Killer Punch! I picked up mine back in 2006 or so when they were merely rare and not atrociously expensive. It remains my favorite purple styracosaurus . I'm still kind of irked at myself for not snagging one of the purple Guiledarts that were sold as Slug for Age of Extinction filler, though. It would have made a nice complement. (Although after looking up pictures of the deco to refresh my memory, I remember why I passed.)

As for myself, the movie 5 stuff went on clearance, so I got a voyager Megatron and a deluxe Drift. Megatron is... competent? Everything folds up cleanly for both modes, and there's very little kibble, but... I dunno. It lacks personality, maybe? I don't like the head. It doesn't seem very Megatron-y, transformer-y, or even movie-y, for that matter. He looks like an Ultron knockoff, honestly.

Drift is neat enough. I still have the movie 4 figure, but I was intrigued about the remolding done for this version. Not merely as simple as swapping the car chassis parts, the remolding actually reverses the orientation of the robot to the car, and his head's now at the back instead of the front. It's pretty clever! He's not something I'd recommend by itself since some of the weapon storage for the robot mode seems to have been dropped (leaving the first version strictly better), but it's neat what can be done with altering an existing design.

They also had four Steelbanes left with the clearance hammer fell, so I bought them all for use as gifts. If you haven't got a Steelbane, you're missing out.
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