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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
I get the impression in the US TRU isn't shit/overpriced/carrying stock with extensively battered packaging too, whereas I'm surprised the UK branch has lasted this long.

There's a fundamental issue if systems allow for debt to be written onto other companies, but those responsible do deserve extensive jail time or a firing squad.
I would say that most toys were being sold closer to the MRP at TRU than say Wal-Mart but TRU would carry more stock and stuff like the Titan class Transformers toys than Wal-Mart which is a hit-and-miss (at least in Indianapolis) with some stores having next to nothing and others everything and then some. I saw no more battered toys at TRU than I ever saw at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, or Meijers.

What pisses me off is that TRU was one of the last stores to offer lay-away all year around that is how I got my Xbox One and PS4 (not at the same time) was putting one in lay-away then waiting a few months then doing it again. K-Mart was the only store to offer the same but they had already stopped selling video games when the Xbox One and PS4 both came out. Wal-Mart does offer lay-away but only starting in late September and ending just before Christmas.
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