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Originally Posted by Denyer View Post
I get the impression in the US TRU isn't shit/overpriced/carrying stock with extensively battered packaging too, whereas I'm surprised the UK branch has lasted this long.
They aren't dramatically different from their competition most of the time, no. Transformer deluxes may be $16.50 at walmart now, whereas they're $16.99 at TRU, or within that ballpark.

Also, I hadn't even thought about it until Cyberstrike said it, but TRU do carry oddball and large items that places like* walmart and target don't. Not sure what home titan class or masterpiece transformers will have with the only dedicated toy store chain potentially going away.

*I am aware that in larger markets, these chains will carry the bigger stuff, but in largely rural areas like mine, TRU is the only store that will.
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