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If there's any good news in there, it's this:

Toys R Us is also seeking court approval to sell its Canadian division. The company is hoping to put together a plan to sell the Canadian stores to a buyer who will also purchase up to 200 of the top performing U.S. stores.
Since the stores themselves seem to be performing quite well when divorced from the debt that was imposed in the last buyout, if this were to happen I think the new owners would be well-positioned to have a very successful business. They won't get quite the same volume discounts as they do now with 800ish US stores, but I think there's a good chance that the brand could stay alive long-term if this went through. And maybe even start to become a good retailer again, once free of the debt that has kept them from modernizing their operations.

[EDIT]Of course, that presupposed that whoever buys them this time does it properly, instead of loading the new company with yet more unpayable debt.
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