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Just read that the US division will start liquidating on Thursday of this week (tomorrow, 3/22) and all the stores should be shutting down by May 14th.

Not that I shopped there much over the past few years, but they always had decent sales on Disney Infinity figures when I was collecting the Star Wars 3.0 stuff. Transformers were always way too expensive compared to Target & Walmart, so unless it was something special I wasn't in the mood to pay $3-4 extra for a Deluxe. Even the Star Wars Black Series stuff seemed to clog shelves and never move, and they were never on sale to actually move them.

I do have fond memories of the place though...

I remember as a kid walking into the place in wonder, having to walk through a short rainbow colored hallway in the entrance before turning the corner and seeing toys galore. It was always a special trip when we went, because we didn't go often, maybe 2-3 times a year. I still remember seeing all the gaming stuff with just box art/backings and having to take little paper slips to the front when you purchased so some guy behind a metal fenced area could remove it from storage. It seemed to special to have to do that!

Later on when I lived in Toledo, OH and got back into collecting, TRU was my place of choice. Toledo had 3 TRU stores within 15-ish minutes drive from my apartment in different directions. Sometimes I would hit all 3 in a trip just to poke around. It was fun just to hunt and see all the stuff they had. It just didn't hold up 5-10 years later.

It's sad, but I will probably stop by this week or next, just to see what prices they have on anything. Might not end up with much though, as I've already gotten most of the new stuff from other stores at better prices.
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