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May 14 is less than two months away. If they were as efficient at running their business as they are at shutting down their business, maybe they'd still be in business.

K. B. Toys may try to come back by buying all the toys that were produced to go to TRU this year, but will now be surplus. (CNN) I suppose it's that, or TJ Maxx and Marshall's get way more toys than usual.

Barnes & Noble have a decent selection of toys, including some high end LEGO architect sets, and niche stuff like Gundam kits. They might sell MPs, but Titans would probably take up too much space.

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At least you Americans will still have multiple outlets you can buy from if TRU goes under. If TRU Canada closes we're down to Walmart as the only major retailer that still has a legit toy department. Hell, it's practically the only real "department store" left too, since Target died a few years ago, Sears just finished shutting down and Superstore has retreated from being a real department store to become 80% groceries, and The Bay's footprint has drastically shrunk. Giant Tiger is a joke and London Drugs is more of a Walgreens sort of thing at best.
In my area, Walgreen's is actually the 2nd best source of TFs, after Wal-Mart. There's nothing else less than 45 minutes away.
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