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That's a bummer.

I went into a TRU this past Friday when they started liquidation, and I wasn't impressed. Took the kids with me, figuring we'd get some neat 50% off deal, and that... didn't even come close to happening. I realize they're trying to recoup as much money as possible before shuttering, but their strategy to clear inventory isn't good. The sign inside said 'Up to 30% off!' which means the 30% items are the junk they couldn't sell anyways. Action figures? 10% off. Most major toys? 10% off. Lego? 5% off. 5%? Come on TRU! That barely covers taxes!

They're supposed to be closed up mid-April. Unless they make more aggressive cuts over the next two weeks, they'll have tons of stock left over. As it is, the shelves were still very full, and I didn't see many people loading carts up or anything. I suppose their biggest shoppers are probably people dumping gift cards before they become useless.
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