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The reductions not being as massive straight away doesn't surprise me. When I worked retail and Office World retreated from the UK and Staples bought the UK OW operation, we phased the reductions in stock, only going for silly reductions on the very last day the store needed to be emptied ahead of its refurbishment / restocking as a Staples store.
I think the local media embellished it more than anything here. We had quite a few shoppers surprised by the lack of discounts upon arrival. I had even gone there the day previous (Thursday) when the liquidation was supposed to start - and didn't happen due to court documents or something - postponing it until Friday. The news around here made it seem like they were shuttering quickly, leaving most people scratching their heads when they arrived.

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Lego getting the lowest reduction in your stores isn't surprising - it's a toyline that is rarely discounted and any offers on it tend to be polybag bonus items or gift card/ points incentives than any actual reduction in price. The sales I've tended to see on Lego are where lines are being retired. Amazon's constant deals, I'll put down to their size and ubiquity - easy to take a dent on the RRP if it gets people shopping through you.
I wasn't really surprised by that one (at least) either - just hoping for a wee bit more. I think the Star Wars: Rogue One figures not being cut heavily was more surprising (Walmart can't even get rid of the 20+ Jyn Erso's and Cassian Andor's at $5 each!). As it is, my wife was headed out of town for the weekend, and I figured the kids and I would stop on our way back from the airport as a fun little trip to kick off the weekend. Had I known Lego was only going to start at 5% off, I wouldn't have promised the kids I'd buy them a set before we went inside!
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