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All I've been hearing about the liquidation sales in the US is that people are flocking in to buy things at 5% to 10% off that didn't sell when they were advertised at 25%+ off in recent flyers. Same sort of thing happened when Sears went out of business here: people who would never even think about shopping there because they were "too expensive" even during sales absolutely swarmed the place once the going-out-of-business sales started, even though the starting prices weren't even all that different from their regular prices (and in some cases were actually higher!)

I'm sure some sociologist somewhere had a field day writing a paper about that sort of behaviour.

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Not really a surprise, considering all that's been going on. Hopefully whoever buys it wants a going concern, and not just to strip it for its assets and real estate.

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Lego getting the lowest reduction in your stores isn't surprising - it's a toyline that is rarely discounted and any offers on it tend to be polybag bonus items or gift card/ points incentives than any actual reduction in price. The sales I've tended to see on Lego are where lines are being retired. Amazon's constant deals, I'll put down to their size and ubiquity - easy to take a dent on the RRP if it gets people shopping through you.
TRU Canada actually has sales on Lego pretty often. It's not a section I frequent, but more often than not when I've popped in to buy a gift for my niece or nephew I've been able to find something that they'd like that's between 10% to 25% off of retail. I get the impression that the Canadian branch is more aggressive about having frequent sales, though. Transformers and Marvel stuff are both marked down quite often, which I'd probably appreciate more if they did a better job of actually keeping desirable stuff in stock.
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