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I stopped by TRU Saturday and found some Lego (and a Q-bert non-Lego) for 5% off. Most other stuff was 10%. But, with TRU's normal prices being a bit higher than most other places, and the all sales are final/no refunds or exchanges policy, that's still a worse deal than Walmart or Target, where you can at least exchange a faulty product for a good one.

As for why people who wouldn't bother with a regular 20% off sale buying stuff at 10% off: That regular 20% off sale might be topped by a later sale, so you might save more money waiting. They'll restock, so your choices appear to be: 20% off now, or 30% off later.

With a going out of business sale, by the time the discount gets any higher, the item might be gone, and there's no restock coming. Your choices appear to be: 10% off now, full price at another store, or never getting the item.
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