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Originally Posted by Tantrum View Post
As for why people who wouldn't bother with a regular 20% off sale buying stuff at 10% off: That regular 20% off sale might be topped by a later sale, so you might save more money waiting. They'll restock, so your choices appear to be: 20% off now, or 30% off later.

With a going out of business sale, by the time the discount gets any higher, the item might be gone, and there's no restock coming. Your choices appear to be: 10% off now, full price at another store, or never getting the item.
I guess I'm just thinking about it the other way around -- if you didn't think it was worth buying at 20% off, then why is it worth it now at 10% off? And if it was worth it at $20% off, then why wait six months just in case you might be able to save an extra $1.99 later?

I'll never really put off buying sale items to wait for a bigger discount, because those bigger sales are pretty rare. And also because a lot of times they don't restock, at least not with the same stuff. It doesn't do me any good to hold off from buying Slag and Swoop for 25% off if all I can find when the 33% off sale hits three months later are Sludge and Snarl.

I'm not sure the regular consumer thinks that way anyway, though. A lot of these people probably haven't looked at a Toys'R'Us flyer in five years, so they probably don't even realize that the price was lower a month ago for some of the stuff they're buying.

That makes sense. Sales are a big driver of consumer behaviour because they're attention-getting. If the prices are always the same (even if they're always low) there's no sense of urgency driving people to get there and check the place out this week while the sale is on.
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