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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
That thing is, what, the size of a CW combiner? Bigger? Stuff like this really just underscores how crazy it is to try and stick unrelentingly to show scale. Can you imagine if they ever tried to do the designs from the later seasons? If season one Megatron is this big, Optimal Optimus would be, what, approaching Titan size? Bigger than Armada Unicron for sure.
My suspicion is that MPBW will be the core Maximal crew along with Megatron and Waspinator. Maybe Tarantulas and Blackarachnia, since quite a bit can be reused from one to the other.

As it is, it's really just the first season stuff that's noticeably different from the toys, right? I don't recall Optimal Optimus having a great disparity between the animation model or the toy. I mean, they can make super-fancy versions of anything, but the new driving force behind the MP figures is replicating the robot animation model, so making a triple digit figure of something that, at a glance, isn't much different from the previous figure seems like a poor choice. But, if they think people will buy it...
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