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Originally posted by Sheba
notice that MOST of those "dirty" cities are run by DEMOCRATS (including the much-maligned Houston--the mayor there is a BIG TIME Democrat that used to be a police chief in New York).
ummm sheba...the only democratic state on the polluted list was California. In most cases, local politics have very little to do with pollution control. Houston may have a democratic mayor, but considering who their governor was for nearly 8 years i think that weights more on the plight of Houston.

The simple fact on pollution in the US is that Republicans hate the idea of even having an EPA. Pollution standards are set predominantly at the federal level...and right now who controls the executive branches there? In the last year, Bush has pretty much declared war on the environmentalist agenda...

ok folks, the joke is over...we all know Gore won the damn election...get him in office...

democrats aren't any better for the most part, but Gore and I have a lot more in common than the war mongering oil man in the office right now!

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