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Originally posted by Sheba


Always an intelligent way to start an argument...

IT IS the responsibility of the Mayor to call up the EPA and say "Come clean up my town!" It is NOT the Governor's job. The mayor runs the city, NOT the Governor. Hell the MAYOR is the one that F***ING LIVES THERE fercrissakes.
Things like this require state government involvement. There are budget concerns on both ends, but for instance streets are not always local and not always state mandated for rebuild. They could be either. Michigan just had a road repair budget law passed on the state level. Conversely, the streets by where I live remain in shambles cuz the tri-cities there cannot get together and agree to fix them.

Notice also that MOST of that was California (a.k.a. DEMOCRAT LAND). Atlanta is BIG TIME DEMOCRAT LAND.
I'm just curious, did California or Georgia wind up voting Gore in the 2000 election? Regardless, that is a vast generalization that is wrong on so many levels. Just by making a statement like that you are being ignorant. California cannot historically be classified as solidly one or the other. No state can. And just because DNCs get held in Atlanta more often than elsewhere doesn't mean anything...conventions bring cities money, and familiarity is a positive feature, especially in politics.

And Strafe, I didn't say it's NOT good to clean up. Cleaning up is GOOD. I just don't like it when people want us to try to kill a mosquito with a F***ING SLEDGEHAMMER :rolleyes:
Could you swear a little less? I'm serious, I have seen more curse words out of you lately than I've seen out of some people in the entire time I've been here. I don't know what your problem has become, but you need to calm down. And what you think is not gospel either; I don't particularly like how you just talked to G91. I know admins don't need anyone sticking up for them, but you have no right to just go ape on someone because what they say happens to contradict what you believe. Talking down on people is just plain rude and uncalled for. This is a discussion board, not a yelling festival.

And if you can't be calm and reasonable, frankly it wouldn't surprise me if you woke up one morning and found yourself banned...if it was up to me you would be already, and not because of your shameless bandwagon jumping and all the crap you talked about my Red Wings. It's because of rants like this and those in the vegetarianism thread, plain and simple. You are not discussing, you are shouting at people for no reason. And to me, that's so uncalled for it's ridiculous.

Take my advice, chill out.
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