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Originally posted by Sheba


IT IS the responsibility of the Mayor to call up the EPA and say "Come clean up my town!" It is NOT the Governor's job. The mayor runs the city, NOT the Governor. Hell the MAYOR is the one that F***ING LIVES THERE fercrissakes.

Notice also that MOST of that was California (a.k.a. DEMOCRAT LAND). Atlanta is BIG TIME DEMOCRAT LAND.

And Strafe, I didn't say it's NOT good to clean up. Cleaning up is GOOD. I just don't like it when people want us to try to kill a mosquito with a F***ING SLEDGEHAMMER :rolleyes:
oh little we know...

the EPA is a FEDERAL AGENCY. Environmental policy falls under the jurisdiction of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Don't start arguements with me on US govenment...

face facts...conservatives don't give a damn about the environment...and mayors do NOT enact any significant policy outside of city planning. If the proverbial sh*t hits the fans the ask big brother government to come bail them out. Environmental standards are set by the federalies...and the states have the right to enforce strictor guidelines...which by the way, California has...but lacks the funding to enforce them. The simple fact of the matter is this Sheba...BUSH is the one pushing to loosen environmental restrictions, BUSH is the one pushing to drill for oil in the Great Lakes, off shore in the US and in the Alaskan refuges, BUSH is the one who thinks that alternative energy should come second to OIL...and WHY?!? Cause his REPUBLICAN, CONSERVATIVE family made MILLIONS of dollars in the oil industry and oil helped buy him the election.

If John McCain had taken that little spoiled oil boy out, we wouldn't be having this discussion, case right now he would be enforcing environmental laws (which were passed by the Congress, which is a FEDERAL branch of government) and looking for alternative sources of energy. Instead, by the time Bush's OIL ass conservative chumpstain butt gets out of office, we will be even more environmentally f*cked than we were when he started...

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