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Originally posted by Quicksilver
Would most of those make a decent size tho?

Crisis/Dinobot/National - 132 that's cool
Return to Cybertron [Prey etc.] - 106... that's probably okay...
Wanted Galvy - 88 - a bit slim... maybe they could add in Headhunt?
Legacy - 77 pages... Maybe reprint Legacy & Space Pirates as one because...

Time wars - wouldn't this be better with Dry Run, Firebug, Cold Comfort, maybe Wrecking Havoc?

And maybe the Flame cycle could be reprinted with some other stuff.... Enemy Action, Salvage, Deadly Games...
I kinda felt Legacy of Unicorn would go better with Wanted Galvy and Headhunt. It wouldbe bigger but TPB can easily go over 200 pages.And in terms of cost the price hike wont/shoudent be too much maby a fiver more as its all within the cost printing standards of each book.

Space priates sorta ends with time wars.
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