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One with the Matrix

Originally posted by fort_max

Some have tried to say that the change in his art came from his manga influences, but I don't really see how it matters.
it doesnt at all, i mean i would say the down sides to Lees artwork are just things that came from the way he learned, different people learn to draw tfs in a different way, its obvious lee feels comfortable drawing transformers like this... then there are problems with things like perspective, proportions and so on, ive never hated lees artwork, but sometimes it feels as if im looking at a photo of an almost immovable figure, instead of a dynamic comic scene.

in terms of other people who seem to draw similar to lee, theres rob ruff... who im truly not impressed with, his work bounces between ok and poor... and then theres joe ng, a good (internet) friend of mine who i find really disappointing, ive been a big admirer of his work, the fan work and fan comic pages that he put out before dreamwave were astounding, and his work on energon was ok, but i read TWW and i am horrified, his transformers are huge and bulky, like those muscle men who are so ripped they have no mobility, the poses he uses are disgusting and two other things that dont do him any more justice are the morbid inks, so dirty and undefined, and the colours (mostly those done by another internet guy and acquaintance Josh Burcham), while Josh has mad colouring skills i feel theyre best left for posters and fan work, hes far too snazzy effects laden for a comic, its just too much to ingest.

on the subject of mick, i think adam patyk was an integral part of the team, id say mick would lay down what he wanted to happen and then adam would deal with pacing and so on... which is the only conclusion i can come to as to why micks writing improved so much between vol 2 and the ongoing
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