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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
Barricade's backpack is pretty compact, though, and doesn't affect balance all that much. You'd think it would, since it juts out quite a lot to the back, but it really doesn't affect balance.
It's basically hollow, so while it's a bit unsightly it doesn't hurt him as much as it could.

And more combiner goodness (?):

Grimstone! The most sought-after and hyped Power Core Combiner release! The only toy in the line to get the attention of our mostly-G1-crazed fandom for more than a few seconds!

Oh, and also a total piece of garbage!

The idea of a styracosaurus Dinobot is an easy sell for me, and I do sort of like Grimstone's core robot even though objectively it's not very good. It's impossible to deny that it's compromised by the combining gimmick, though. And the limbs are very lacklustre, with basically no articulation. The combined mode isn't much to write home about either, though the unified Dinobot colour scheme makes it look pretty cool at least.

Mostly, though, this set makes me wish for a Deluxe class Dinobot that turns into a styracosaurus, ankylosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, parasaurolophus or dimetrodon.
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