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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
And also, with so many people being revealed to be Outliers and Point One Percenters it kind of cheapens the who idea. If everyone's special then nobody's special, you know?
I think there would be a higher (ironically much higher than 1% by this point, the name must be a hold over) percentage of those amongst the surviving Cybertronians now, four million years of war means only the tough ****ers made it through.

Those powers were bolted on after the fact though. He wasn't (as far as we know) born with them.
So you can bolt on extra stuff to the guy... like a forcefield hand (presumably what stopped him trying it in situations where it looked like he was going to die--such as the end of 49--was thinking he was on crap fuel that wouldn't power it).

It doesn't explain how his body can transform that antimatter (which, as a Trek fan, you know will utterly annihilate any normal matter it touches) into energy, though. Blasting it out as a big last-ditch "screw you" superweapon? Absolutely. Pouring it into his engine and burning it like energon? Not so much.
Come on man, don't go citing Trek for examples of realistic science, you mad crazy fool you. According to that show it can help you break the light barrier!

Like you say, it'd be a lot easier to gloss over this point if we were talking about something made-up like Nucleon.
And I suspect if he'd known it'd be something he'd build on six years later Roberts would have probably made something up as well.

The major issue is that the first part of the story came out in February, and Roberts didn't even drop in an "As seen in issue #50!" box (which comics don't seem to do as much anymore, much to their detriment) or line of dialogue to make it clear what was going on. I shouldn't have to reread the entire fucking series every time a new issue comes out in order to make sense of what's going on.
Well on this (and the subsequent wiki issues discussed further down...), how much of these payoffs are more coherent (not necessarily plausible, just understandable) if you go and look at the wiki? "Megatron stole Trailcutters hand" seems fairly self explanatory, it's easy to see how he might have done that without being caught, especially as he has a sneaky sidekick. Flicking through old issues or going to the wiki adds some more information if you've forgotten the specifics, but it doesn't need that.

Same with "He was finally able to get my black hole powers working" or "This thing that was used against us previously is being turned against the enemy" seem to cover the important information, and the fact the characters speak authoritatively as is this is a known thing helps sell it as a follow up.

Would some "See issue" boxes have made a difference? I'm not sure. I think the fact you don't seem keen on any of the plot developments even with a full wiki backed explanation suggests it's not really the way they're revealed that's the issue, you just don't like them very much!

I think Terminus and Roller are the only things to come out of nowhere within the issue with no context as to their importance to Ratchet and Megatron (though of course if Roller had been Tarn, that would have applied as well), for everything else you get the minimum you need for the story to work (and for the arc as a whole I like how their presence was signposted by the missing fate unknown list Rewind kept going back to).

The Autobots certainly could have dropped in a mention of it when they were looking for ways to defend themselves. And Roberts easily could have made it more clear what was going on in this issue. Until the moment they used it, I don't think it was even hinted that the Autobots knew what had caused the initial psychic attack, let alone looked for it.
They did have quite a lengthy chat about it in 50. Actually, I suppose the DJD were after Megatron as they sent the Necrobot's original message and he added the pain factor as a warning. So presumably they came for the hidden guys on the list, realised the Lost Light had been there recently and decided to kill two birds with multiple stones?

This is where we'll have to agree to disagree. If I was watching an episode of Star Trek and they used some random bit of technobabble to solve a problem in the cold open, then didn't mention it again at all until the last minute of the show when it saved the day without any indication they were even thinking about it, I'd roll my eyes and call it lazy. Having a six month gap in real time between the intro and the reappearance only makes it stand out worse. It would be like a Trek episode referencing something minor from ten episodes ago without doing the "previously on". Which I'm sure happens sometimes, but it's not exactly something that's audience-friendly.
How do you feel about Sacrifice of Angels? Just as the Dominion Fleet are about to come through the worm hole the Prophets take Sisko and he persuades them to save the day in a literal Dues ex Machinia. That's about two years (depending on when in season 4 the fake Emissary episode was) since they were last actually in an episode and there's nothing in the first 35 minutes to even hint at that being the resolution. It's perfectly in keeping with the show's own internal logic and history but is done entirely as a surprise to make sense to regular viewers and not anyone else.

Which considering it's part 7 of a 7 part story (and the three preceding episodes in that arc don't have "Previously on..." recaps. Nor do most of the shows in the 10 part series finale either) it's arguable floating viewers are going to expect not to follow everything perfectly.

And it also drastically reduces the number of potential audience members in the process, because not many people have that much time and energy to commit. That's why you'll see heavily serialized shows landing on HBO or Netflix instead of more conventional channels. As great as those shows may be, that sort of storytelling still alienates more people than it draws in, and it's rare that one of them pulls in enough of an audience to survive on a major network for very long. Thus why most TV shows, even serialized ones, focus on a new monster-of-the-week every episode with the ongoing story usually relegated to the B-plot.
And MTMTE has done a lot of that, we've had serial killers wandering the ship plot and personality ticks and the Demons and Angels split crew story all alongside the character development and ongoing plotlines. But serialised shows also tend to have their big tentpole storyarc episodes, usually mid season/sweeps and at the end of the year (it's a very X-Files thing as well, and of course Roberts is a fan), which this basically is.

I'll try to put this as nicely as possible: while it's interesting to hear what Roberts has to say, I'm not going to put all that much stock into it. The man isn't going to toss his employers under a bus even if they did ruin everything, and nor is he going to start saying "nah, it's all made up on the spot, you marks!" He's got a job to do and an image to maintain. Whether he's saying the absolute truth or spouting a bunch of PR BS, he'd kind of have to say the same thing, you know? And I don't mean that as a criticism, just a description of what his job entails.
I get where you're coming from (and I should note his frustration with criticism on this score was born from some of the more eccentric responses on twitter like the "YOU USED TO BE MY IDOL" person rather than my tweet and thus this thread specifically, I think it just gave him a place to vent a little), but equally he didn't have to respond at all and frequently does maintain a polite silence on certain questions. I think he's being entirely genuine there and this has all be planned out a good deal in advance. How that works for the individual reader is subjective of course (my personal issue was with people saying it hadn't been set up at all which was objectively not true, not with whether they thought it succeeded or not).

Wait, I didn't delete that tweet where I was nice about you. Damn, that's ruined our adversarial relationship.
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