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"There will be no negotiations."

Astrotrain, as it happened, was not the only one who knew how to apply a dramatically appropriate pause.

"If you 'respected' me," Doomshot snarled, "you would have told me what duty I was really being volunteered for. Especially since you seem to be claiming personal responsibility for what was inflicted on me. And especially since I know what Megatron really thinks of you and your High Command masters. Once he is back online, once he realizes that you are here, he will want to kill you. And you're not presenting me with a very compelling reason to convince him otherwise, no..."

The Titan Master shook his head. "You and your ilk are fossils, Astrotrain. You live in the past because it was the only time you were ever relevant. You seek to preserve the status quo because you are too rooted down to consider that there are better ways. You think Megatron is a symbol, a flag for our people to rally behind? Megatron is a joke. He's been a joke since you and yours decided to cut his head off against his will. No one wants to follow him anymore. They simply do out of habit, or fear, or general witlessness."

He gestured grandly, encompassing the entire area they occupied. "Witness how no one questions my orders, or even my right to give orders --" he glowered at Necro " -- for more than a moment, anyway, without even knowing what became of their 'dear leader'. Witness how much more eager they were to follow Deathsaurus into battle. Megatron's authority is all but spent. Everyone realizes it except for him...and, it would seem, you. I could drop his body down a mineshaft and no one would even question what happened to it bar a handful of outmoded fanatics."

Doomshot walked over to his beast armour, which was relaxing in dragon mode on a nearby rock formation, and dropped down to sit on a boulder beside it. His posture was relaxed, but somehow still threatening.

"So I'm afraid I have to turn down your oh so generous offer to become a 'figurehead' for your compeers' continuing feeble machinations. Or for yours personally, if that was your hope. For you see, Megatron bows to no one, and I am Megatron now. You saw to that, yes..."

As Doomshot set his jaw, his beast frame looked up and lazily glowered at the much bigger Titan. Doomshot stroked its brow as if it were a pet.

"You personally and High Command collectively both claim to want a strong Megatron. You claim to want a leader who can both inspire the masses and lead us to strategic victories over the Autobots. I will create just such a Megatron. One that will strike terror in the sparks of every Cybertronian foolish enough to oppose us. Because someone needs to be in command, and as wanting as he is in nearly every facet of leadership, I confess I find him infinitely preferable to the likes of you.

"And if High Command truly want that, they will meekly fall in line. But if, as I rather suspect, they prefer their 'leader' to be no more than a hapless sock puppet for their own desires? Ah, then sanctions will have to be meted out, yes... And once Megatron returns from Cybertron with the bounties that this world has to offer, they will be in no position to oppose him. Or me."

Vorath stood far enough away that he wouldn't look like he was eavesdropping as he studied his maps, although he definitely was. Necro made no attempt to even hide it.

"I could'we done that," Mindwipe conceded to Fangry, "but that would inwolwe spending time vith you. Vhy vould I vant to do that?"

He let out another sonar pulse (much more quietly this time!), then dove downwards. "Ah-ha! There he is, vith Doomshot and Necro! that Astrotrain?"

"The losses were dire," Furos agreed with Daic. "But they fell in glorious combat, helping to free their former comrades from the bondage of the combined horror that owned them. Their deaths were honourable and they will be remembered." He set his jaw. "Even that fool Pyro."

He acknowledged the other Titan Master's admission of guilt with a small nod. It had been a mistake to keep the rest of the senior staff out of the loop, but it was one that Diac would learn from. The other Autobot was nothing if not wise.

He frowned as he considered the topic of Pyro's replacement. "Ginrai is currently being piloted by someone named 'Nightbeat'. I don't believe that he is one of ours, but rather a member of the dig security team. He appears to be trustworthy, but his continued possession of one of our most powerful Titans would seem to pose a serious security risk. I suggest that you and I interview him once we have a moment, in order to determine his intentions."

A disgruntled noise came from the direction of Furos's vehicle partner. The Titan Master smiled.

"Hardhead takes a slightly more...hawkish approach to the issue."

"Civilians cannot be left in command of a military weapons system!" Hardhead interjected, unable to keep silent. "We should arrest him immediately and assign one of our troops to pilot the Ginrai Titan!"

Furos sighed. "Yes, yes. You made your thoughts quite clear during the Hot Rod situation."

"And I stand by them! Firedrive should be in irons." Hardhead added.

"Before we can arrest anyone," Furos reminded him, "we'll need to find a brig."

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