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Major difference is that if our fans try that shit over here they tend to be ejected, banned and disowned. Russia's official reaction seems to have been "well done guys, keep up the good work!"
I can't imagine what a disaster area their stadiums must be, if that's the case. Over here if you act up you get the same treatment as you're describing in England -- booted, banned and eviscerated in the media, so hooliganism never really catches on. Like maybe once every few years you'll see some idiot trying to import that fine European sporting tradition of throwing bananas at black players, but after they get a highly-publicized lifetime ban the other idiots are reminded where the line is and not to cross it. Or very rarely fans might riot after their team loses a championship game (Hi, Vancouver!). But usually the worst you'll get over here are hateful or homophobic chants directed at opposing players.

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We've got idiots, definitely. But we're working hard to make them the minority. Russia seem to think it's all perfectly fine and within the spirit of things.

They're hosting the next world cup, too. Which will be great fun.
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Yeah, I get the impression that "away support" isn't really as big a thing over there. A lot of it comes from incredibly drunk people deciding that it's not about sport so much as it is a turf war. ****ing idiotic films that glamourise the shit don't really help either.
You will see visiting team fans in the crowds over here but usually they're either transplants (there's tons of fans in visiting garb at hockey games in Florida because there's tons of retirees there from Canada and the northern US) or traitors who support whoever the "big" team is in the sport rather than their home team -- so the Maple Leafs in hockey, the Yankees in baseball, the Heat in basketball and probably someone in American football too but who cares about American football. The latter do tend to cause trouble, because the people willing to show up to their home team's arena in enemy colours tend toward being loudmouths, and drunken home fans sometimes try to shut them up. It's not uncommon for fistfights to break out, but they're usually small scale, quickly contained and lead to bans and a night in the drunk tank.

The only large-scale fan travel that I can think of off the top of my head is Toronto and Montreal fans heading to Ottawa for hockey games, and even then it's mainly because it's easier and cheaper (even factoring in the travel) to do that than get tickets for the home games.
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