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Thinking about it, I could see "Showwave" coming from a bad fax print where the "ku" looks similar to the following "u" (though there should be a small "tsu" before the "ku").

A really bad fax could also explain someone mistaking the final "a" in "Jetfire" for a "ta", thus resulting in "Jetfighter".

I'm still lost trying to find out where the "s" at the end of "Ragnights" is coming from, though. "Lugnut" should end with a "to", unless TakaraTomy decided to call him "Lugnuts", which would explain the "tsu". "Knight" would require a "nai" instead of "na", though. How does one get "itsu" out of "to"?

Everything else ("Dargi", "Archi", "Rockdown", "Sunaru") is just bad imagination, and "Swarp" is the eternal classic among fandom misconceptions about Japanese TF names, right alongside "Breast Off".

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