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Issue 21 wraps up the Remain in Light arc, issue 22 is an "aftermath" issue showing us a bit more of Rung and a possible backstory.

There's a one-shot "Dark Cybertron" issue before each series, starting with their issue 23, intertwine for the saga until around issue 29 or so.

Roberts said he's planning to tackle the DJD after Dark Cybertron. He's very familiar of the theory of "Tarn is Roller" [that I should print on a Tshirt soon].

Furman did make Regeneration One sound cooler than it actually is. He's hinting that we may be looking at a series multiverse in the comics as well. He said he's going to take Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime soon-ish. Rodimus had black boots on the cover of 96 instead of the red ones Hot Rod has.

Roberts also hinted something along the lines of "the character from another series that people want to see? He's up soon", which to me cryptically spells Rhinox in some capacity. In a podcast interview from yesterday, he also revealed that there's going to be a Deluxe Generations Rattrap.

So yes, interesting tidbits about Maximus for MTMTE. This makes it two times so far he's been marked for death [issue 6 and issue 15] but avoided it.
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