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Default Transformers AoE Hasbro Platinum Dinobots

Dunno if anyone has put this up already, but Hasbro's Platinum box set of five AoE Dinobots is up for preorder now, with stock photos:

They're out in October, and Robotkingdom has them priced at $159.90.

The set includes more movie accurate versions of:

- Voyager Grimlock
- Voyager Slog (non-movie Dinobot)
- Deluxe Scorn
- Deluxe Slug
- Deluxe Strafe

I say more movie accurate as the stock photos show heavily silver and black paint jobs with bits of metallic colour which don't actually appear to match the movie designs (eg Grimlock has a gold head and back, whereas it's metallic teal that touches up the movie version). So, better but still not quite there. Takara's Black Knight versions of Leader Grimlock, Deluxe Scorn and Deluxe Slug look to be more film accurate, but the scales aren't so good and I don't know of a Black Knight Strafe. So I'm undecided myself - may just settle for a full cast of multicoloured Dinobots including the non-movie ones.
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