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Liked this one quite a bit. It was good to see some character development for Nautica, who seems to be fitting in way better with the weirdos on Rodimus's crew than she ever did among her "sorority".

It's also nice to see Minimus wandering around without the Magnus armour. I'm sure that'll come back to bite him in the ass eventually, but it's a nice bit of character development to see that he's so comfortable with himself even around strangers.

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Re: Cyclonus -- I'd completely agree with Unicron's statement if not for the fact that some of the folks that we saw killed on Kimia, like Grotusque, have popped up in the scenery since then (not 100 percent certain about the Technobots that were there, though).
Don't be silly, the Technobots will be back as soon as they need them to flog a new Combiner Wars Computron.

But even then, people at least seem to still be irked by Cyclonus. Whereas Brainstorm is back to palling around with everyone as if the last six issues never happened. And in spite of what was said last issue, he seems to be allowed to wander around making new super-devices without anyone being worried (who's to say that he's not turning Nautica's wrench into a new time-travel killing machine?).

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Will Nightbeat and Getaway be perfectly okay next month?
Of course they will be. Even if the monsters tear them limb from limb.

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And, whilst I like Swerve more than, say, Warcry, I can't see why he's been given a new skit of Earth Culture when Bluestreak already has that market cornered. Plus, Community probably wouldn't exist in the IDWverse, it started in 2009. Or in other words, when America was a smouldering post AHM apocalyptic ruin. Sitcoms wouldn't have been up to much then.
**** Swerve.

You're right though. Popular culture in the IDWverse would have taken a very different turn after AHM, just like US popular culture became quite a bit more patriotic and pro-military in the aftermath of 9/11.

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Something's up with Flamewar. She's evil and a monster queen.
She's clearly up to no good, just like the suspiciously hard to remember medic. How else could she just show up (at around the same time, yet) and become second-in-command, cutting over the heads of all of Thunderclash's established troops, with nobody complaining?

Anyone want to bet that the mystery miracle doctor is Pharma? I know the crewmember that First Aid was talking to used "she" as a descriptor, but she also couldn't recall a single thing about them, so... And he does have a track record of magically being able to repair fatal spark damage.

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My head says it's unlikely, but we're tantalisingly close to having a Transformers comic top an actual proper comics chart (oh yes, UK and digital counts Americans and physical-ophiles). It might need a slow week in terms of other titles (though I suppose that depends on how close the top three actually are), but that's still an insane prospect.
It's impressive! It's a shame that we don't know how digital sales and print ones add up, but if MTMTE is doing that well on the digital charts you'd have to think that makes it a pretty solid success overall.

It's surprising to see the book climbing the digital charts so much when the physical sales numbers don't seem to be changing, though (at least, based on the Diamond numbers that are publicly available).
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