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Originally Posted by Marisa View Post
How is G1 ranked #2:

and "Beast Wars" is #1?
Short version Beast Wars is a better show.

Long version: Beast Wars had a smaller cast of characters and thus the writers had to make show about the characters. G1 you could do episodes with specific characters like Powerglide, Preceptor, Beachcomber, Seaspray. Omega Supreme, Hoist, and Jetfire headline an episode but one (in the case with Host and Jetfire MAYBE two episodes at most). The rest of the time the show was busy introducing new characters before you knew the old ones. Beast Wars did introduce new characters but not at the expense of the original characters. Plus they were willing to kill off characters in the series Terrorsor and Scoropok were killed off in the season 2 premier and Dinobot's death is second only to Optimus Prime's death in TF:TM.

Beast Wars also crystallized ideas and concepts that the original series only hinted at or never really clarified like the Transformers scanning for their alt modes and the concept of the sparks were realized in ways that original series never quite figured out (they used references like life force, ghost, power cores, and etc) they also introduced the concept of protoforms, stasis lock, and CR Chambers/tanks. The show also used elements from the comics like Primus and the Covenant of Primus. Also the characters change and grow as the show went along. Blackarchina starts out as a typical evil ambitious fem fatal character to an actual heroine in her own right. The same with Dinobot as well. The show was well written and has a lot of twists and turns as one would expect from a show that one of show runners was Larry DiTillo, who was a writer and a story editor on another sci-fi show Babylon 5 for the first two seasons of that series.

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