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So, quite a few bad boys recently!

Third Part Kaon and Vos:

Because I love me my 3p MMC. Vos very much feels like a more fiddly old style 3P that's frustrating to transform, so he'll be staying in his nive creepy robot mode.

Kaon on the other hand reflects the "More like a toy you might actually buy in a shop" asthetic of Tarn and Autobot Megatron, chunky and a lot more fun than a guy who turns into a chair should ever be.

Legends Slugslinger: To complete my Decepticon Targetmasters. As everyone has said, this basic design is a winner and he looks great with his three pals. The targetmaster gun is a bit rubbish though, as is the naked girlies comic.

POTP Dreadwind: His lunchbox accessory is a bit cumbersome, but a lovely, ridiculous gairtish figure.
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