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I have seen Logan! Feel bad for not liking it as much as everyone else as it does try very hard and Jackman and Stewart are both brilliant (everyone who isn't Richard E. Grant is good--his problem is more he's given nothing to work with,--it's just they raise things to a whole new level when onscreen).

But it's a needlessly long film. You can't really create drama out of whether Logan will Do The Right Thing after ample evidence of him Doing The Right Thing nearly every time across the series. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but the last hour and a half is not him fishing off a boat. If they'd minimised that (which goes on almost to the end) you'd have had a shorter film with more characters left alive at the end.

Also a very cynical film. Really not sure what the point of rebooting everything with Days of Future Past and ressuecting everyone was when two movies later the starting premise is The X-Men get killed off offscreen between films.

I think it's impact as an intended grand finale also suffers from knowing the current X-films are set earlier. Jackman could presumably show up in any and all of them if they threw enough money at him.

And the villains are terrible. The henchman is the best developed out of the three. The Surprise Baddy (though a marvellous WTF moment when they first appear) is mute and doesn't feel that tough, and Grant as mentioned has has nothing.

That all sounds more negative than it felt...but yeah, for me personally not anywhere up to its reputation.
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