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Well I'll admit when I read Reg would be going after Marvel on the shelf, I just assumed G2 would be going elsewhere in the series.

But Andy Turnbull has told me that, according to Furman, it won't be included at all.

Which seems...odd. Possibly down to Furman I suppose, he did prevent Titan reprinting stories he wasn't keen on when he was editing them and he was disparaging about G2 when promoting Reg.

But I suspect it's more an IDW thing (as the rights holders they'd give Hachette the material and have final say on what they can and can't do). Despite reprinting bits of it in Best Of... collections and doing the Joe issues leading up to it twice they've not properly done G2 in a decade of money for old rope collections than have seen the rest of Marvel done multiple times (including pre-dating Reg, so it's not just them wanting to pimp their own continuation). For some reason they just don't seem to like it.

Shame (oh, and alright, G2 technically isn't a Generation One book as promised by the title of the series but COME ON).
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