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OK. Prowl arrived and I'm sold. Shame that the launchers aren't part of the figure, can't justify paying the prices on ebay. :/

Recommendations for preorder place for Wheeljack? Notice, shipping to Europe. HLJ?

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Steeljaw and the orange bird aren't great, but having both the FoC Blaster and Soundmixer in hand I do kind of prefer the FoC headsculpt. However, Soundmixer scales very nicely with the original Classics Jetfire, who he's next to.
Both Soundmixer and Art Feather Goldbug seem to have long necks to allow better neck articulation. Took some time to get used to. I was surprised how much... more finished product Soundmixer was, especially as Goldbug isn't the first version of the mold. Goldbug's floppy chest is distracting.

Now I want a Mechanic figure to pose between Soundmixer and Goldbug.
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