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A few months behind schedule, but my BBTS preorder finally came in.

Iron Factory EX-01 Dinoarmor and Rifle upgrade kit for FoC Grimlock: As much as I love the FoC Grimlock figure, he's always had the same problem. Namely, a big hollow space in his chest in Dino mode. We could also go into the fact that his legs are basically locked into place, but since I rarely transform him, it's not that big a complaint. The only thing I had a problem with was as much as he looks like an update of the original G1 Grimmy, he's too...... well, svelte. The EX-01 upgrade kit solves both the hollow chest and the svelte problems, as the armor plates form the Dino mode chest and are on little ball jointed arms to fold out and replicate G1 Grimmy's wings. As for the gun, it's a good try, but the grip is a bit too narrow for his hand, so it's really loose.

I also picked up Evasion Mode Optimus Prime. I like the figure, although the arms are a bit fiddly when you transform him. My only real complaint is that, for an evasion mode, he looks awfully shiny and new. And the big Autobot emblems on his sides shouldn't attract any attention at all......

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